Our main range is shown including images and specifications below.  We have an even wider range available and are able to source any new lighting requirements from our manufacturers for your projects. Please contact us on 09-489 8347 with any queries.


Residential Catalog
PRO-SERIES Catalog April 2017   (Not all items are stocked)


90-110mm PRO-DL13WWSMD-B Spec Sheet

90-105mm PRO-DL9WWSMD-AG Spec Sheet

90-140mm PRO-DL10CCTSMD-LX Spec Sheet

80-90mm PRO-DL10WWSMD-HX Spec Sheet Module PRO-DL13CCT-A Spec Sheet

90-125mm PRO-DL13CCTSMD-GX-Spec Sheet

80-90mm PRO-DL9WWCOB-IP Spec Sheet

Faceplate PRO-DL-D-90-54 Spec Sheet

Module + Faceplate PRO-DL9WWMOD&PRO-DL-D-90-54 Spec Sheet

160-190mm PRO-DL20CCTSMD Spec Sheet

200-228mm PRO-DL28CCTSMD Spec Sheet

SMD – 30W 35W LED SMD Commercial Downlights (210mm 215mm cutouts)

SMD – 60W LED SMD, Daylight, commercial malls, offices, hotels high ceiling, 260-265mm cutout 282mm overall

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET – Reflective LED Downlight 8-inch

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET – Reflective LED Downlight 10-inch Retro